Our extra-special opening offers

The Buckingham Butcher will guarantee the best cuts of meat at the best prices in town, every day.

But to celebrate our opening this weekend, we’ve got some extra special deals for our new customers. They include:-

Prime Rump Steak 4 x 7-8oz£8.99
3x Gammon Joints: £10
5kg Chicken Breast Fillets (around 22 large fillets): £20
Roasting Beef Joints: £5.99 a kilo
Whole Fillet of Beef: £35 each
Whole Rack of Lamb Loins: £8.50 each or 2 for £16
Pork Loin Steaks: £4.99 per kilo
3kg Oyster Cut Chicken Thighs: £5
1.3kg (18) Traditional Butchers Sausages (made to our famous recipe): £5 (11 different varieties to choose from)

...And more more in-store.

Caterers should ask us for details of discounts for large orders.

To place your order, simply call 01280 816600 or email us at orders@thebuckinghambutcher.co.uk.

Trevor, The Buckingham Butcher